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Action On Additives

Secondary school packs

Two educational resources designed to help teachers to get their students thinking about food additives, about processed foods and about how food policy is made. 

The packs are particularly useful for lessons on Citizenship or Food Technology and could be adapted to suit different year groups. The student pack includes an independent research exercise in which students are required to explore the issue of food additives and hyperactivity from the perspective of different stakeholders.

Primary school pack

Educational resources for primary school teachers who would like to get their pupils thinking about food additives, healthy eating, and to think more widely about food and health issues. The resources include an exercise that requires interaction with the Action on Additives website.


If you have any feedback on these packs, please let us know. Just drop a line to Anna at anna@actiononadditives.com. Thank you.

Other resources

The Action on Additives website is coordinated by The Food Commission, a not-for-profit company which campaigns for healthier, safer food in the UK. Visit the website at for lots more information on food and health.

The Food Magazine is a quarterly magazine produced by The Food Commission. The magazine is essential reading for anyone who cares about what they, or their children, eat.

The Chew on thiswebsite is designed for independent use by secondary school students aged 11-14 (Key Stage 3). The website will also be useful to anyone who is interested in how our food is produced and its effect on our health and the environment.

The website is produced by The Food Commission Research Charity, a non government organisation that is totally independent of the food industry.


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Support the campaign

The Action on Additives campaign is funded by grants and public donations, and coordinated by the not-for-profit campaign group The Food Commission. To support the campaign, please use the button below to make a secure donation. Thank you.

Seven suspect additives card

If you would like a handy Action on Additives plastic card, listing the seven suspect additives, please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the Action on Additives campaign, 94 White Lion Street, London N1 9PF. We can supply up to three free cards to any one address, so you can share the cards with your friends.

If you would like to purchase a larger number of the cards, please email Anna at anna@actiononadditives.com for details of cost.

You can also print a sheet of ten cards by clicking on the link below.
Print more cards

Do you work in the hospitality sector?

The Action on Additives campaign welcomes information from people working in restaurants, hotels or contract catering. If you can tell us more about the use of any of these additives in the hospitality sector, where such additives usually go unlabelled, please click here.